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Maria Angela Capello, OSI
Executive Vice-President

A renowned leader in the energy sector, Maria Angela Capello (“MAC”) is a relentless fighter for Sustainability and Equity across the industry

MAC is an active collaborator of the United Nations, and numerous non-profit geo-centric organizations such as the SPE, SEG and AAPG.  Her passion lies in promoting the juxtaposition of the geosciences and the future of the energy industry through training, mentoring, corporate resilience, and diversity & inclusion initiatives. Her work has been recognized by the Italian Government through the “Star of Italy” honor (knighthood), and by the UNESCO endorsing her work leading the “Geosciences in Action”, to advance the awareness that geosciences are pivotal to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

MAC's expertise is centered around sustainability, ESG reporting and corporate branding in sustainability, topics for which she is constantly invited to speak at international conferences. She is also a recognized expert in Diversity and inclusion, leadership, resilience and career strategies, topics for which she has authored three books.

She is the UNECE ERGM Co-Chair of the Women in Resources Management, Chair of the SEG Sustainability Committee Chair, is an Honorary member of the SPE, and is the only person to have been Distinguished lecturer of the three main geo-centered professional societies; AAPG, SPE and SEG.

She is certified in Circular Economy and sustainability by Cambridge University and the IFP. She has led consulting projects for GeoPark and Canacol (Colombia), KAUST (in Saudi Arabia), and Oklahoma State University (USA).

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Maria Angela Capello

We provide expert consultancy services in


  • Sustainability assessments

  • Sustainability Strategies for companies in any industrial sector and for non-for-profit organizations, particularly those in Energy and Academia

  • Online sustainability positioning

  • Training in Sustainability:

    • Materiality Matrixes

    • Assessment of Sustainability performance

    • ESG reporting

    • International positioning

    • Best Practices implementation

  • Communication Campaigns about Sustainability

  • Change Management for implementation of sustainability strategies

Red Tree Consulting

Herminio Passalacqua

Herminio Passalacqua


President and Founder

Dr. Passalacqua is an experienced executive in technology implementations, expert in the Subsurface segment of the Oil and Gas industry, and the President of Red Tree Consulting LLC.

He has extensive experience in igniting step-changes in technology management and integration loops in research and applied research. With a decades-long, intensive and successful career advancing transformation paths in basin exploration, field development, digital transformation and technology piloting loops for large National Oil Companies in Latin America and the Middle East, he grounds his success in a unique ability to lead complex, multicultural, and large teams into specific goals. He is passionate about advancing energy transformation loops and is now centering his consulting around the technological applications needed for decarbonization, CO2 Storage and Monitoring, Emissions Monitoring, and innovations related to ESG reporting which are relevant specifically for the  upstream segments of the Oil and Gas sector. His expertise also includes Geosciences applied to Water Management, Mining and CCUS.

His acute insights started early on in his career, and notably, his celebrated PhD thesis on the resistivity of thin layers constitutes the platform of today’s progress in subsea and borehole detection of oil reserves, CO2 monitoring, and ground water management, in an approach that is now feasible due to the utilization of new materials and miniaturization of instrumentation.

In addition to a hands-on leadership experience in the corporate world of oil and gas, Dr. Passalacqua has built a solid and renown experience in academia, having taught as Associated, Invited and head Professor in Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Simon Bolivar), USA (Colorado School of Mines), and Kuwait (Australian College of Kuwait, and Kuwait University).

Dr. Passalacqua is a Geophysical Engineer of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines

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Olga Bravo
Senior Partner

Olga Bravo (MBA, PMP) is a Senior consultant with 30 years of experience in private, public, non-profit, and multilateral organizations.

She has extensive and proven experience in igniting the internal transformational forces that we all have inside.

She establishes a great communication with her clients to achieve the ideal interpretation of their needs and elucidation of their objectives. She can recognize and co-create visions.

Bravo is a Computer Engineer from the Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela) with postgraduate studies in Philosophy (Universidad Simón Bolívar), Organizational Development (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela) and Business Administration (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Venezuela).

Her academic preparation and ample experience allow her to handle everything from metamodels to practical actions and detailed plans.

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Olga Bravo
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