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Advancing Your Organization Into Sustainability

We are a boutique consulting firm specialized in Sustainability Assessments, Strategies, Implementations, and ESG Enhancement Paths

Challenges motivate us

Sustainability is not easy to ingrain in all organizations. Budget, scarce specialized personnel and awareness levels, and resistance to change are usual obstacles, among many more. We will support your journey into sustainability focusing on Quick Wins and Practical Solutions

What Makes us Different?

We are known for our insights and inquisitive questions that propel step-changes at executive and managerial levels.

We are very good at aligning your organization aims to global trends and reporting priorities in sustainability

Our Specialty

We just know how to ignite passion, motivation and commitment to pursue sustainability and good ESG ratings, and .  Our experience is rooted on success


Maria Angela Capello.png
Maria Angela Capello
Senior Partner
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A renowned leader in the energy sector, Maria Angela Capello (“MAC”) is a relentless fighter for Sustainability and Equity across the industry

Herminio Passalacqua
Herminio Passalacqua
President and Founder
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Dr. Passalacqua is an experienced executive in technology implementations, expert in the Subsurface segment of the Oil and Gas industry, and the President of Red Tree Consulting LLC.

Olga Bravo
Olga Bravo
Senior Partner
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Olga Bravo (MBA, PMP) is a Senior consultant with 30 years of experience in private, public, non-profit, and multilateral organizations.


"Maria Angela is a visionary leader that has a superb track record of implementing her visions. She is an experienced and caring individual committed to advance sustainability, women, young professionals, and collaboration in everything she does."

—  Anna Shaughnessy, President Elect of the Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG)



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